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Magento Connect Incorrect Configuration File [How to Fix]

Receiving an error on Magento Connect stating ‘Incorrect Configuration File’? This may be down to file corruption. 90% of the time this issue seems to be caused by a corrupted brute-force.ini file.


Incorrect Configuration File


If you have had a login issue in which you are locked out from using the magento downloader you would know that as a quite fix you would need to reset the attempts to 0 within this file. This can sometimes cause a corrupt file.


Check your brute-force.ini file (located in Magento Root / Var folder)

If the commands are all bunched without spaces as one long strong, chances are it has corrupted.

Place each command on a new row with a return space (like below)

Re-upload and try again – fingers crossed your problem should now be resolved!

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