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You have your facebook page set-up, twitter, linkedin channels ready to rumble and you’ve auto-scheduled some posts.
Maybe you get some good engagement and your facebook pages likes start to increase…
but you don’t really feel like your making the impact that you could be from your online presence.. sound familiar?

Social media isn’t just about posting, likes and content.
It’s an incredibly valuable source of knowledge, information and feedback.

Social listening

You may have potentially heard of the term.

Social Listening is also known as social media monitoring.
It is the process of identifying and assessing what is being said about a company,
individual, product or brand on the web.

Many companies use hootsuite for their social media management, tweetdeck or outsource their marketing. These are all effective methods. But when it comes to social listening there are other ways that you can capture and use information to improve your business.

For example:

  • Using customer feedback to implement changes in store.
  • Collecting feedback and reviews for marketing purposes.
  • Gathering of information as to potential future product or service improvements.
  • Dealing with and handling complaints online in a quick and effective manner to protect reputation.
  • Using reputation management software to aid and improve your ability to capture authentic reviews of your business/product/service.
  • Listening to competitors news and analysing online activity to provide data for your own businesses competitive strategy.
  • Analysing market trends to allow for effective capture of potential new growth sectors for your business.
  • Identifying and informing decision makers in your organisation of new trends in your area of the globe,
    this can be incredibly powerful for your marketing if done correctly.

Above are just a select few ways.
Social listening should be an integral part of any companies general strategy,
not just in the areas of marketing or more specifically social media marketing.

If you’d like more information or tips, feel free to visit our reputation management
or brand management page. You can also contact us for more advice.

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